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Trial Information
February 13, 2009 - February 15, 200



February 13, 2009 through February 15, 2009
SV Judge: Willi Stieger
What a great weekend, although tracking was horrible due to lack of rain and grass. Ed McClannahan, our club helper and tracklayer, was super. Judging was fair and it was wonderful to trial under a judge who still trains and conditions dogs, realizes the problems encountered and nervousness of the exhibitors, and makes everyone feel at home and relaxed.

I'm sure the spectators were excited that the GREAT IVAN the Terrible and his wonderful assistant, Karrie, exhibited at the trial. We all strive to attain their perfection and thank them for participating. High and Reserve High in Trial were given to Ivan and Karrie respectively with the lovely young Malinois.

Members attaining titles included:

Felix and Kaiser SchH3
Paul and Gunther SchhH2
Navigator and Helen SchH2
Penny and Adolph SchH2
Margie and Wegus SchH2
Hildy and Nancy BH & AD
Helen and Lace BH & AD
Gary and Misty BH & AD
Laura and Falco BH & AD

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