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This website is dedicated to V Nurmi von den Maibuchen, SchH3, KKL1 “a” OFA

The reason for the club and my interest in Schutzhund is due to this wonderful dog.
The formation of the Wesley Chapel Total Dog Training Club is as a result of him…  more Nurmi

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visit the website of Nurmi and his friends


Trial Information
February 13, 2009 - February 15, 2009


The Wesley Chapel Total Dog Training Club is excited to announce that we will be hosting a Club Trial (SchH, IPO, BH, AD) with SV Judge Willi Stieger on February 13, 2009 through February 15, 2009.

Our helper is Ed McClannahan.



Entries received as of 12/25/07:

Event/Class   Females     Males
BH 0 0
AD 0 0
Schutzhund 1 0 0
Schutzhund 2 0 0
Schutzhund 3 0 0
IPO1 0 0
IPO2 0 0
IPO3 0 0
Tracking 0 0


Show Veterinarian

Our Show Veterinarian is Blake Veterinary Hospital.
Click here to view contact information and directions.

Working Dog Trials

02/01/08 Friday morning
Obedience/Protection… more.
4101 Hay Rd. • Lutz, Florida 33559.
(The field will be available for practice for the trial on Thursday 01/31/08 afternoon and evening. No unentered dogs will be permitted to come to the field for practice or the trial. We welcome all visitors but please leave your dogs at the motel unless they are entered in the trial.)

Tracking on Saturday 02/02/08 morning… more.


02/01/08 Friday afternoon and evening
Food and drinks are available at our clubhouse… more.

Breed Survey

02/02/08 Saturday morning first Working Dog Trial tracking… more
then followed by Breed Survey.

02/02/08 Saturday… more.

Meet the Judge/Social

02/02/08 Saturday, 4PM-8PM
Party at WCTDTC!
Catered by Tia’s Tex-Mex, Tampa FL.
All-you-can-drink margaritas.
All-you-can-eat, fajitas (steak/chicken), salad, etc.
$15.00/person, paid in advance.
Please make reservations with your show/trial entry.

Show Information

Trial Secretary: Ann Beattie

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