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Steve has titled 6 dogs from 0 - SchH3 and aided in titling countless others.

Steve won the 2000 USA Central Mid-Western Regional with his GSD, Axel vom Woodland SchIII (Handler, Owned and Trained).

This year at the DVG SE Regional, Steve and Gus von der Grube Waldecke SchIII won the VPGIII level with a 292a. Gus is also Handler, Owned and Trained. Steve and Gus placed 7th in the 2003 DVG Nationals.

With his Rottweiler, Jeneck's Boss SchIII, IPOIII, also Handler, owned and trained; Steve was a two time World Team member/participant. They represented the United States in the 2000 IFR World Championship in Beligum and the 2001 IFR World Championship in Italy.

Steve is the training director for the oldest DVG club in the States, the Schutzhund Club of Orlando. He is a level 1 helper, working many Regional Championships and the 2001 DVG Nationals in Washington State.