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Background of Bogdan Sergo, SVF and FCI International Working Judge

         Native of Slovenia, a small country south of Austria and east of Italy

 Training and Competition

        In 1971 became involved in the dog sport

        Winner of European FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) Championship 1981;  also finished in 3rd  and 4th place

        20 times on the National Team for Slovenia in the European Championship

        During his 30 years in the dogsport, has personally trained and titled over 25 dogs to the highest level of competition

        In the past 30 years has judged and competed with his own dogs, owned, trained and handled from puppies, in almost all the European countries, Canada, and the United States

        During 30+ years of competing in Schutzhund, has won 1st place in international competition in Belgium, France, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovenia, and the Yugoslavia

        Has conducted seminars on Tracking, Obedience, and Protection in Italy, Austria, Canada, and the United States

        For the last 15 years educated and trained judges, helpers and trainers in Slovenia



        In 1977 became an FCI judge

        In 1988 judged Protection at the 1st WUSV World Championship in Muenster (Germany)

        In 1991 completed a 3 year specialized judging program in Germany, under the auspices of the SV

        In 1993 judged Obedience at the 6th WUSV World Championship in Nijmegen (Holland)

        In 1997 judged Protection at the 10th WUSV World Championship in Luzern (Switzerland)

        Was second judge in three additional WUSV World Championships

        From 1982 to 1991 has been Head of Judges and has been responsible for the education of judges in Slovenia

        Since 1993 has judged in Canada and several regions of the USA, including the New England Region, the Northeastern Region, the Southeastern Region, the Mid-Eastern Region, the South Central Region, the Rocky Mountain/Great Plains Region, the Southwestern Region, the Northwestern Region, and the Pacific Northwest Region